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Life Music Therapy is an allied health provider based in Brisbane. Run by registered music therapists, this service supports families and communities’ health and wellbeing through music.


Music therapy services can be in individual or in group settings. Life Music Therapy has run music therapy groups with Endeavour, Centacare, Lutheran Services, and Disability Services Queensland. 

Music therapy utilises evidence-based interventions within the therapeutic context to achieve the goals of the clients and their families. These interventions might be singing, dancing, listening to music, songwriting and playing instruments which are adapted by the music therapist to target the area of need.



Joy is the manager and senior music therapist of Life Music Therapy. She is a skilled practitioner and enjoys developing life skills and promoting quality of life through her music therapy programs. She is experienced in providing unique and specialised services that match the needs and goals of the client.

Joy has been a musician and singer for many years and possesses a large repertoire of songs that she uses to connect with her clients from all ages and backgrounds. Joy is dedicated to continuing professional development and attends conferences, seminars and regular supervision to keep increasing her skill set and knowledge.


Music therapy is a broad profession with researchers finding benefits for many populations.


  • dementia care

  • substance abuse

  • infant/childhood development

  • grief and trauma

  • mental health

  • autism

  • stress/pain management

  • disability

  • brain injury

  • palliative care

  • at-risk youth/families



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